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Ghost Proof Your House

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Happy Halloween!

There are a few homes in Kelowna that have some scary history behind them.  A seller is not required anymore to disclose these stigma’s, like murder or suicide, to the buyer. Some buyers care and some don’t.

I rented a house not too long ago while we were building and there was definately some spooky things that happened there.  Lights coming on in the middle of the night, apparitions moving around at night that were clearly visible, smoke alarms going for no reason.  If you believe in ghosts, I’d have to say this “ghost” was friendly and had a sense of humor. My family was all aware of it being around but never had any fear.  Here’s a list of 11 ways to “GhostProof” your house.

Need help selling your haunted house? Call Paige Guernsey direct at 250-862-6464 and get her 25 years experience selling real estate working for you.

Happy Halloween and talk to you soon…


How does your new home perform?

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Are you thinking of building a home in Kelowna?

Check out this interesting article on all the components of building and whether they are better or worse today than they were 50 years ago.  Many cities in Canada and the United States have homes that are older than 100 years… some even 200 years!  This article deals with all things “building” from craftmanship, affordability, longevity, waterproofing and more.

Having been involved with building homes in Kelowna over the last 22 years, I can help you with all the decision needed to be made. From which lot to purchase, how to get the best financing, and all the latest trends in design you’ll be getting expert advice! Call Paige Guernsey direct at 250-862-6464 now.

Talk to you soon…


Here come the baby boomers

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“Easy and inexpensive”

I hear those words a lot from people 45 or better. They’re often looking for turn key living in smaller homes or townhouses in all different neighborhoods throughout Kelowna.  There are many properties available catering to the older demographic as well as those that target the 55+ age group. With recent changes to the Strata Property Act, it’s possible now to have a registered age restriction as one of your by-laws, and it doesn’t have to be 55 anymore! You can register any age at all.  This is great for folks who are looking for a quiet place to call home in Kelowna, and maybe have pets, or older children still living at home.

The 55+ restriction is still an all-time favorite with the security of knowing exactly who your neighbors are.  In Kelowna, properties with these benefits vary from condo style homes to townhouses, and fully detached homes in gated communities. Ammenities vary widely as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to retire and wondering about your options for properties in Kelowna, call Paige Guernsey direct at 250-862-6464.

Talk to you soon…


Facts about today’s buyer

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First timers and move up buyers till lead the pack of purchasers heading for the finish line.

(Click on the image to enlarge).

The segment showing investors and buyers looking at recreational property has been slowly growing and last month was a solid 20% of home buyers in Kelowna.  Check out my last couple blogs dealing with investments and recreational properties.

Looking to invest or buy some recreational property?  With 25 years experience in Kelowna real estate, I can help find the perfect property for you. Call Paige Guernsey direct at 250-862-6464 today.

Talk to you soon…


Vacation Property

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For a few years, my family would make the big trek north to a beautiful little island called Savary.  To get there took a long time and finally when you couldn’t drive any further in Lund, BC you’d load up the water taxi for the final leg to the shores of this island made mostly of sand.  The island is about a kilometer wide and 8 km from one end to the other.  There were no cars allowed on the island (although there were a few… maybe 3!) and the only wildlife was deer and bees.  Bikes were used as the main source of transportation and power was by propane.  The cabin we stayed in was fantastic. Tucked into the woods, the large open plan could easily accomodate the 6 of us.  We had a good sized kitchen 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a loft and a huge deck outside.


I’m sharing all this because recently I came across a lot currently available to buy on Kalamalka Lake in Vernon.  This lot also has a dock attached and in the summer, the dock is really the only thing that’s important! A beautiful and scenic drive from downtown Vernon takes about a half hour.  Power is by way of propane and water is lake intake.  This beautiful spot reminds me so much of Savary Island.

Away from the hustle and bustle – YES

Waterfront property on a large, clean lake – YES

Can I swim and waterski – YES

Is there a dock – YES

Close to big city ammenties – YES

Can I think of a good reason to seriously look at buying this – YES

Are you considering a recreational property ?  Call me, Paige Guernsey, a full time experienced realtor in the Okanagan Valley on my direct line. 250-862-6464.

Talk to you soon…



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