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Ultimate Service for Kelowna real estate

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When it comes to real estate, it seems like everybody talks about customer service. But service isn’t just talk.  We recognize that you want more than just conversation, you want commitment to action.  Ultimate Service® delivers real value and guarantees that you’ll receive exactly what you bargained for… the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.  For 17 years in a row we at Coldwell Banker have received a 98% rating through Ultimate Service® based on independent surveys done with over 70,000 Canadian buyers and sellers.  If you’re thinking of buying or selling, contact us first and learn about how Ultimate Service® can work for you!

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Paige  (250-862-6464)


Did you Know….

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Fresh cut flowers are know to make a room look more attractive. But did you know they can also make people happier? According to research, a flower’s combination of colors and scent has a physiological impart on a person’s mood, generally making him or her feel more comfortable and optimistic.

Christmas flowers

Season’s Greetings


New Listing! 184 Biggar Road, North Glenmore $479,900

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This is a perfect package! Gorgeous and well maintained home with 2 bed suite. Main floor has new hardwood, vaulted ceilings, 3 beds, gas fireplace, huge open plan kitchen with direct access to covered deck! Main floor has office (can be used in conjunction with upstairs area) as well as a separate suite with separate entrance, parking, and laundry. Meticulous yard and fantastic neighbourhood close to schools, shopping, and transportation. Not a thing is missing here! Call Paige Guernsey at 250-862-6464 for viewing or visit www.kelownahome.com for more info and pics.


“Just Listed” 1165 Raymer Avenue, $449,900.

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Meticulously maintained home with a bright 2 bedroom suite. Open plan main floor features 2 bedrooms, high grade flooring, open kitchen and dining area as well as outdoor access to private deck. Lower level has 2 bedroom suite, separate entrance, laundry and parking. Beautiful private yard with a patio, sun deck, & mature landscaping. Two newer furnaces, newer roof, on demand hot water throughout the home, a single garage and single carport. Great central location, close to shopping, schools, college & the bus.

Call for more information Paige Guernsey 250-862-6464 or visit www.kelownahome.com for more info and pics.







MLS® 10080872

Coming Soon!

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Watch for our new listing in the highly desirable South Kelowna neighborhood within walking distance to beaches, the Pandosy shopping district, Guisachan Village and Mission Park Greenway.

South Pandosy Neighbourhood

This rancher is immaculate, has a low maintenance and private back yard with double garage and extra parking and will be priced under $500,000!

Talk to you soon…


Gutter Maintenance Tips

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It is almost winter in Kelowna and that means it is time to clean out the gutters if you have not already, this is a great way to get your home ready for sale and helps prevent future damage or issues. I recommend hiring a professional to clean your gutters as it can be a dangerous and tedious job, but if you feel like taking on the task yourself here are some helpful hints to get the job done.


Ladder Safety: Ensure someone is on the ground helping you secure the ladder, one miss-step and it could be costly. Orchard ladders with three legs are not recommended, be sure to use a sturdy four leg ladder with a secure platform and a five gallon bucket to collect debris.

Garden Hose: A regular garden hose with municipal water pressure is sufficient and attached a pistol grip spray nozzle to the end. This type of nozzle can regular water pressure and direction and can be purchased at any hardware store.

Gutter Scoop:Scooping out the leafy debris seems to be the best overall method for cleaning out the gutter. An excellent tool for this job is the bright orange plastic “Gutter Getter Scoop,” which can be purchased at most hardware stores. This tool is unique because the front scooping edge is very thin and it forms itself to the bottom of the gutter trough, making it easy to scoop out even the toughest of debris in any size gutter system. Stay away from a metal scoop such as a garden shovel, this can scrape the bottom of the gutter and cause damage and future rust which will deteriorate the gutters.

Gloves: This will protect you from whatever bacteria may be lurking in the gutter debris. Leather gloves are recommended as rubber can rip and tear from the metal edges.

Rake off the Roof: Debris can be left on the roof and will wash down the next storm. In order to prevent your hard work going to waste, remove the debris first.

Downspouts Unclogged: After you have cleaned the gutters, direct the water pressure into the downspout to flush out debris.

Clean gutters two times a year: Make sure gutters are cleaned at least twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. One main reason for cleaning out gutters is to eliminate the possibility of water damage from rainwater runoff due to a clogged gutter. Another reason is to reduce the possibility of rust corrosion. Even though it may not rain during the summer, if there is debris in the steel gutters, the rusting process can speed up. It’s difficult for rust to speed up with clean gutters. The faster the rusting process, the sooner new gutters will be needed. Keeping your gutters from damaging your home will maintain is value and prevent possible issues with foundation and siding.

Gutter Guards: There are many great products that can be installed onto the existing gutters or the option of new gutters can give your home a spruced up look and make it more pleasing to buyers. Visiting your local hardware store is an excellent place to start. There are many gutter professionals that we would be happy to recommend should you choose to repair or replace your gutters.


Gutter cleaning is an important step in home maintenance and something a home inspector will look at when you sell your home. Prevention is key and keeps your home looking sale ready.



If you are thinking of buying or selling, give Paige Guernsey, an award winning real estate agent in Kelowna, BC direct at 250-862-6464.

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FALL Market Report

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Will the fall market be as hot as the fall weather?

hot-real-estate-marketAugust was another hot month here in Kelowna and we are not just talking about the weather! The real estate market was hot as well.

Look at the stats below. Across the board we saw positive increases in sales including apartment sales that have been consistently stagnant. Out of town buyers, investors, and students returning to school are snatching up well priced apartments creating positive numbers in this segment.


Lot sales have been on a steady and consistent increase month over month! Which means we will start to see new homes being built.

As for residential sales we are now in a 18 month stretch of positive sales results and a decrease in listings. Supply and demand dictates that if this trend continues we may see a slight rise in prices particularly in the most popular price range of between $350,000 and $450,000.

Until now, the market appears has corrected itself with a slight softening in prices by -1.59%  over the last several months.



Residential             +14.21%                        YTD +11.71%

Apartment             +27.27%                        YTD -2.75%

Townhouse            +13.79%                        YTD +2.2%

Lots                        +15%                                    YTD +24.81%




Residential                        -8.81%

Apartment                        +12.68%

Townhouse                        +24.49%

Lots                                    -3.92%


YTD Average Residential home sales price -1.59%

Average days to sell 118



We are now entering the busy fall market, the kids are back in school and everyone is back from holidays which always means one thing…. people looking to buy and sell! We are looking forward to helping you this fall and providing exceptional service.


Please call me on my direct line at 250-862-6464 if you need any futher information.


Talk to you soon…




Central Okanagan Statistics for July 2013

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Overall sales in the Central Okanagan were up 13% in July, 471 units from 417 in 2012. Also up is the year to date sales, January through July increased 6%, 2,621 compared to 2,471 units during the same period last year.

Residential sales for the Central Okanagan improved from 325 in 2012  to 432 units in 2013, up 15.2% for the month of July.

The 3 Top Sales Increases, by Price CategoryJuly 2013 graph

   OMREB logo    Click on OMREB link to view full details


* Information taken from OMREB July 2013 Stats

If you’re considering buying or selling real estate in Kelowna give me a call on my direct line at 250-862-6464. I’m an award winning real estate agent with over 25 years experience.  In 2012 I was ranked the #6 realtor for Coldwell Banker in the Okanagan Valley.  Hundreds of happy customers and thousands of smiles later, I have the best job in the world!

Talk to you soon…



Real Estate on Kelowna’s golf courses

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Summerland Golf and Country Club

I was involved in a tournament this past weekend in Summerland, BC to raise money for the Lions Club. The day was a huge success… although a bit windy. And apparently I need to adjust my camera angle!

Golf course communities

Kelowna is home to dozens of great golf courses and practice facilities.  Many of these courses have real estate attached in the form of residential communities.One of my fav’s is Gallaghers Canyon Golf and Country Club. The scenery on this 18 hole South East Kelowna course is beautiful and as well there’s an outstanding 9 hole executive course called The Pinnacle .  I must also tell you about my favorite golf instructor Tara Roden .  She rocks the game of golf! Ok… back to golf course real estate!  Another favorite is The Quail and The Bear courses both located in the Quail Ridge community on Kelowna’s northern border.

Gallaghers Canyon

The community at Gallaghers Canyon is very popular and prices for townhomes currently start at $379,900 for a 1,400 square foot 2 bed, 2.5 bath home.  Detached homes currently for sale start at $425,000 and go right up to $1.9 million.  There are also a few choice lots left that are currently available to build new homes on.

Quail Ridge

Quail Ridge located out by Kelowna’s International Airport, YLW, is another popular golf course community offering 2 full size courses.  Condo’s are currently available starting at $179,900 for a 1 bed, 1 bath apartment with great amenities like secure parking and outdoor pool& hot tub.  Townhomes and single family homes currently are priced between $250,000 and $1.2 million.

If you’ve ever considered a golf course home on some of Kelowna’s best real estate, give me a call direct at 250-862-6464.  You’ll never say “Fore” working with me on your next real estate transaction!

Talk to you soon….




Top 5 Real Estate Risks

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We all know there are risks involved with everything – even doing nothing!  The trick is to assess them correctly and manage them accordingly. With this in mind, let’s take a quick dive into 5 of the most common risks in today’s Kelowna real estate market!


Foreclosures are often thought of as being an “instant” equity builder.  You can get a home for under market value but attached to this is the risk buying a foreclosure.  You’re buying it “as is where is”.  Your highest level of risk is when there is someone living in the house prior to court approval and the lowest level of risk is when the house is vacant. Check out this link for more info on the foreclosure process.


This is a risk that most people will overlook.  Most buyers will push their “pre-approved” limit as far as possible when buying.    When you’re considering what size of mortgage to take on, the first smart move is to get pre-approved by your mortgage broker. From there ask yourself these questions and add in the costs to your monthly mortgage amount. Is it manageable comfortably?

  1. What do I need to put aside this year for savings and investments?
  2. What are the approximate costs to maintain, upgrade, or repair my home?
  3. Are there any one-time costs that may arise unexpectedly this year?
  4. Do I know my monthly budget for cost of living that includes entertainment, transportation, clothing, food, and utilities?


When a buyer and seller agree on a price during negotiations, there is one thing that happens 100% of the time right afterwards.  The seller wonders if they got enough and the buyer wonders if they paid too much.  There are some very definite and smart strategies  involved when buying or selling a home.  Buyers should work with their Realtor® to determine the best price using custom strategies and recent sales in the chosen Kelowna neighborhood.  Sellers prepare their homes and make it look it’s best prior to listing on MLS®.  This will help immensely in minimizing the risk of losing the “right” buyer.  Sellers should also price their homes aggressively in accordance with recent sale comparables.


OMREB Contracts have been recently changed tightening up the wording around deposits.  Most definitely when considering your deposit amount, consider the risk.  If all the subjects come off, the house is “SOLD” and you as a buyer decide not to proceed with your contract, you run a very real risk of losing your deposit to the seller.  Ultimately a judge will decide how much to award for damages and the deposit amount may only account for a portion of it. Work closely with your realtor around this and never think you’ll get your deposit back once subjects are removed.



Everyone knows someone who’s bought a car that’s been a “lemon”. Likely some also know someone who has been unhappy with the home they purchased.  Making sure that you know EVERYTHING you can possibly know about a house your purchasing is critical. There’s nothing worse than “I didn’t know…” after the fact. Every home has flaws, and knowing everything in advance is critical to a smooth home ownership experience.  Be sure to:

  1. Have a home inspection done by a qualified, licensed and experienced local home inspector.
  2. Make sure your Realtor® is experienced and knows about all areas of Kelowna. For instance, in some parts of Glenmore and Lakeview Heights there’s what’s known as swelling clay which can cause problems down the road if a homeowner isn’t aware it’s there.
  3. Have the title search checked thoroughly over.  It’s a big problem if you want to put a pool in the backyard of the house you just bought only to find out there’s an easement running right through the middle.
  4. There is case setting law established in Kelowna that says disclosure is only needed within the surveyed iron pins of any property.  However, it might be disappointing to buy only to find out later that the road in front of your home is being upgraded to a 4 lane bypass.  Always check with the local government authority about future plans in addition to what the seller may tell you.
  5. Levies can also sometimes surprise.  Be sure to check the tax notice and government offices for any unexpected charges that may be added onto the annual Property Tax Bill or sent to a homeowner separately.

Buying or selling a home is a massive undertaking with thousands of details, hidden and obvious, needing attention throughout the entire process.  Missing any of these details can not only be costly and time consuming, but scary.  The things I mention above outline a few of the excellent reasons to have a professional and experienced Kelowna Realtor® working on your behalf.  Choose professionals who have referrals and if possible who your friends and/or relatives have happily worked with and be sure to double check information where you can.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling in this Okanagan Valley market, please contact Paige Guernsey direct at 250-862-6464 or paige@kelownahome.com or check out my testimonials and see why I have so many happy clients!

Talk to you soon…



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